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California Contractors
We are licensed with the contractors state license board. Our CSLB license number is 741713

Indoor Air Quality Membership
We are member 18995 with Indoor Air Quality

$349 Mold Testing for Homeowners ($499 others)

Licensed Mold Remediators
Our company is most trusted in the field of mold and damage restoration by our clients. With over 40 years experience, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (7+ years running), and numerous 5 star Yelp reviews from our customers there is no better or more trustworthy company to turn to. Len Nordeman, the managing General Partner, absolutely insists on treating customers honestly and fairly – all the time.

Mold can be a serious danger to your health. Our company offers a complete mold inspection for $499, complete with air samples and laboratory reports identifying not only the mold species and whether the levels of mold spores present in your home are of any serious danger. Don’t miss our homeowner mold inspection special only $349 – $150 Off!*

We are also experts in damage restoration, we have trained in-house workers to handle any fire damage / smoke damage or water damage / sewer backup you may be faced with.


*$349 is for homeowners only, our regular price is $499 for others

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What our real and local customers have to say:

I was especially impressed with the inspection and insights into the cause of the mold problems in my house, especially compared to other mild inspection firms that I had used on a previous inspection and who had done a far inferior job and changed more as well. The difference between Bay Area Mold Removal and other mold firms was like day and night.
Jeffry T.

In 2009 we discovered that our bathroom had a serious mold problem. Bay Area Mold Removal made sure this issue was dealt with safely and thoroughly. The problem was assessed carefully and the mold treated through the correct procedure. Air samples were taken to ensure that the home was safe for my family to live in. This brought a lot of peace of mind to our family where we raise our two young daughters in our homes.

Background - 6 year old son puts way to much TP in a toilet. Cases backup which flows into wall, with a small amount secreting out.

Plumber recomends call about "Black Water" treatement. Call 3 companies, first 2 talk about sealing house, removing all sheetrock and opening wall, etc, etc. Panic, fear, stress are how they "presented" the need to me. While adding a price range of $3K-$15K before asking about my house insurance coverage.

Len (the owner) called me back, got the story, joked about 6 year olds doing that, and then proceeded to tell be how to clean the exposed seapage with bleach and not worry about internal wall (assuming we caught it/it would dry out in 72 hours - which was the case.) Very friendly, easy going, etc which put me at ease. Even better, his recommendation was to clean it myself. I mentioned the other calls, and he essentially shook his head over the phone.

This company gets 6 thumbs up (my wife, my son and mine) for being friendly , for giving free advice, for not trying me something I didn't need.

We need more companies like this & we need to support companie slike this!